Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – Deadly Trio for Success in Internet Marketing


Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of Internet Marketing. It’s not wrong, if we say that only with a well planned and strategic social media marketing campaign, an Internet Marketer can change the overall sales and revenues coming through his/her website. To give a new dimension to your existing e-Business you have several tools available. Social networking websites like facebook, Twitter and MySpace along with YouTube leads the race.

One can easily and instantly notice the positive effects of Social Media Marketing. E-Commerce website owners have adopted the strategy of using Social Business Networking and Social Media Marketing for their benefits. Well let me describe you some exclusive benefits of social business networking tools:

Facebook – The facebook is world’s no. 1 social networking website. With more than 120 millions unique visitors (according to statistics), facebook is leading in online social networking. The huge user base of facebook is enough to attract webmasters as well as every (small, medium of large sized) organization towards facebook. These users are potential buyers for online products and service providers. However, the purpose of using facebook for business purposes is not only selling products or services. But it acts as a powerful means of online promotion.

Twitter – Twitter is really among one of the most innovative internet startups. With exclusive concept of micro-blogging, twitter has started a completely new era of instant messaging. Business owners are using Twitter for making latest announcements which is visible to all their followers instantly. It’s among the best and most…


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