The Skills Improve the Sleep for Pregnant Women at the Last Stage of Pregnancy


At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women usually sleep well, as they are tired to take good care of the fetuses. However, with the enlargement of the volume of the fetus, it is difficult for women to sleep comfortably and conveniently.

Except the enlargement of the volume of the fetus, many other factors can also increase the difficulty of having good rest for pregnant women, such as frequent micturition, increasing heart rate, short breath, constipation and mental pressure. Some women also have other symptoms, such as muscle cramp and backache. During the pregnant period, the burdens of the kidney and the bladder of women can be increased, which causes frequent micturition. With the enlargement of the uterine, the burden of diaphragm will be increased to cause the difficult breathing. At the same time, the demand of oxygen inside the body is increased, which forces women to accelerate the breathing. The enlargement of the uterine also needs more blood than before, so the workload of the heart has to be increased and the heart rate has to be quickened. When women are pregnant, the work efficiency of the digestive system is relatively low, and the foods have to stay in the gastric and intestinal tracts for a long time. Then constipation can be easily caused. Some pregnant women are attacked by dreaminess. Some women worry about the health situation of their fetuses and the mental pressure is worsened, which can also affect the quality of sleep.

Some skills are introduced to pregnant women to help them improve the sleep here. First, they should avoid drinking the beverages containing caffeine as far as possible, such as coffee and…


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