The Scorpio Character – The Eighth Sign of the Zodiac


Scorpios have extremely important work to do in life, so I suppose it’s only fair to indulge them for being so reserved and solitary. It’s not easy being the most powerful sign in the Zodiac. All that potential is a tremendous responsibility. The contributions Scorpio makes, generation after generation, to the progress of humankind are undeniable … and crucially important. Scorpio has tremendous access to vision and wisdom and a natural talent for using fundamental creative power to build new structures and make changes to the existing arrangements of life that result in improvements of amazing worth.

Remember that word “improvement.” It’s the theme of what Scorpios are here to accomplish. And therein is the key to how Scorpios and their contributions fit into the ongoing creative cycle of development. Scorpio is concerned with mutual assets, community property, joint resources, investments, “unearned income” such as inheritances and dividends — in other words, holdings and wealth shared and controlled in partnerships with other people.

Scorpio exists to form and implement visions of greater possibilities, to join forces with others and build — according to its own design — structures, assets and associations that yield greater results for the community than either contributor could accomplish on his own. Scorpio takes raw materials … and from that fundamental creative energy, it fashions miracles. It is an awesome power. The other side of the coin, however, rarely produces so many nice smiles and nods of approval, because the unavoidable truth that Scorpio understands so well is that for birth to occur, and new life to flourish, death must come to what is old, useless, obsolete, ineffective, outmoded and exhausted.

Death and birth are two halves of the same circle. One cannot … cannot … exist without the other. And this is the true and awesome abstract work that Scorpio facilitates, the manifestation of this theme of death and rebirth, destruction and resurrection — in the name of “improvement.” Clearly, this is an energy to use wisely. It has tremendous potential for disastrous abuse and irreversible injury. And just as clearly, there is a definite connection between this sad fact of life … and the famous private, mysterious, dark side of the Scorpio character.

Scorpios are people of deep passions and unprecedented “sensitivity” — as that word applies to contact with one’s own emotional landscape. But there is a necessary ruthlessness to their characters as well, a willful insistence on having their own way where their lives, visions, and destinies are concerned. It’s a quality that simply must be part of the basic energy charged with handling the essential but highly precarious tasks that go with this stage of life and the unfolding of creative evolution.

The potential for karmic consequence, both positive and negative, exists at every turn, and hangs on many of the choices Scorpios…



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