The Environmental Factor of Causing Fetal Anomaly


The objective of prepotency is to realize that each individual can be composed of excellent genetic genes. However, not all the individuals composed of excellent genes can behave perfectly. The growth condition of the fetuses is also affected by the surrounding environment. A nice environment can stabilize the mood and create suitable conditions for women to have children. A nice environment includes feasible climate, clean utility area and fresh air. These three factors are beneficial to the integration of sperms and ovums and the growth of the fetuses. Nowadays, the environmental pollution has been more and more serious. The unconsciousness of environmental pollution can cause the mutation and anomaly of genital cells.

Generally speaking, the harmful environment contains four kinds of teratogenic factors, namely, radioactive substances, virus, drugs and chemicals. Under the action of environmental pollution, the damage and death of the normal cells can both cause fetal anomaly. Chemical pollutants can directly affect the normal development of embryos, fetuses and new-born babies. In addition, chemical pollutants can also indirectly endanger embryos and fetuses by interfering the normal functions of the placenta and caul through the matrix. Various pollutants in the air like carbon monoxide, oxynitride, cyanogen compund, vinyl chloride and polycyclic aromatic compound can restrain the normal growth of the nervous system of the fetuses and cause fetal anomaly. Among all the chemical pollutants, various kinds of metal like cadmium, mercury, copper, gallium, lead and arsenic can cause poisoning. In fact, the most common and dangerous…


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