Offshore Search Engine Optimization Consultant


The term consultancy is designated to the practice of extending assistance in terms of expertise to any company for promoting or enhancing its performance, while the agencies specializing in offering such services could be known as the Consultants. Like in any line of business there are many such Consultants eagerly offering their expert services, similarly in regards to the SEO – Search Engine Optimization too some renowned Consultants offer their services, but sitting at very long distances across the seas who could be terms as theOffshore SEO Consultants.

The consultancy is usually initiated through analysis of the existing business hurdles by the consultant with his expertise and experience and assesses that how the business process could improve the scope of particular business, and thereby make possible improvements. The terms of such an Offshore SEO Consultant varies from party to party and deal to deal basis. In all, the consultant normally offers the need based consultancy services to his clients for assisting them enhance and speed up their profitability by his expert consulting services.

There are many professional Offshore SEO Consultancies that regularly offer their services to the clients from all over the world. Usually such consultants offer almost everything like complete range of software and information technology requirements. The experienced and expert consultants generally offer the overview of how the existing business of his client could grow and develop easily yet positively with the help of process and application developments. In order to build the long term rapport with his client, the consultant would…


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Examples of Social Marketing – How to Influence Social Behaviors


Examples of social marketing have evolved over the years from something that used to be very costly and complicated, to methods that are free and can spread like wildfire.

Social marketing is used to “sell” ideas, attitudes and behaviors.  The purpose is to benefit society by spreading the message.

Critical steps to put examples of social marketing into place include knowing your:

Product/Goal – What is the belief you are communicating?

Price – What the consumer must do in order to take hold of that belief?

Delivery Method – How will people access this idea or belief?

Target audience – Who does the message need to reach?

Partnership – Can you work with a team to promote the message?

Knowing this, we can move forward into examples of social marketing to help you know what will work best for you.

One of the examples of social marketing in the last decade would be the campaign Health Canada undertook to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death in Canada.  Obviously, their goal was to decrease the risk of SIDS.  The price was laying babies on their backs to sleep.  The delivery method was through brochures, posters, and common messages from all involved in health care.  The target audience was parents and caregivers.  The partnership was between Health Canada, The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, The Canadian Institute for Child Health, and the Canadian Pediatric Society.  The results from this effort was an increase in awareness from 44% (in 1999) to 66% (in 2001) that the proper position to place a baby during sleep is on his/her back.  Note the years this took place.  The instant, global methods we have now, were not readily accessible then.

One of the more current examples of social marketing is of the Think Simple Now blog by Tina Su, who was able to get over 2000 subscribers to her blog in 3 months, single handedly at no monetary cost.  This is what Tina used to spread the word about her blog.  Word of mouth in person and via email, connected with readers of her blog via email, commented on other blogs, link to other blogs to create community, trust and relationship, made 5 new blogger or social media friends weekly, commented and contributed to…


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A SEO Company for the best SEO Services in India


Business owners these days are all concerned with the popularity and exposure of their business on the online platform as it has became extremely crucial for a business to stay in customers’ notice all the time. It has been seen that merely creating a website for your business does not yield any profit to your business as until your website is shown by the search engine in the search result list, customers are not going to know that you even exist. Thus, the search engine optimization comes into the picture.


SEO as it is generally known, or Search Engine Optimization is a combination of various strategies and techniques which facilitate in increasing the traffic number of visitors to a particular website by attaining a high ranking in the search engine result page. To put it simply,, when you type a search term on a search engine like Google, you see a number of results in the form of a list on a number of pages. The name of the website that appear at the top are the best  SEO optimized websites and most of the time, users click on the top results of the page only. The results that appear on second page onwards are have the least chance of being visited by the viewers, and thus get least or no traffic to their website. These websites are performing poorly because they are not SEO optimized. So, in order to SEO optimize your website, you can take the help of any SEO company in India, which is providing SEO services at reasonable costs.

SEO is a meticulously learned process that becomes stronger with experience and practice and only then it can yield good results. Whatever results are achieved can be easily quantified in the sense way that the number of people visiting a website would surely go up after optimizing the website. A number of technicalities and methods are engaged in optimizing a website. Different search engines have their own algorithm according to which they rank the websites. Therefore, a good SEO agency must have enough knowledge about the algorithms followed by these search engines and should be able to apply them strategically so that improved results are  delivered to the clients.

Moreover, if the content on your website is not updates on a regular basis,…


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Top Reasons You Should Outsource SEO Services To India


Generally, India has turned into the most loved destination for organizations willing to outsource their SEO services. The explanation behind picking India lies in the way that here you will get profoundly talented workforce at a large portion of the cost. Surely, in India there are numerous SEO firms why should prepared offer their computerized advertising services at a low value contrasted with the created countries. SEO outsourcing permits your organization to extend and additionally build your incomes in snappy time. It increases high positioning on all prominent web crawlers helping your site show signs of improvement presentation, perceivability, more movement, and transformations.

On the off chance that your organization wants to outsource SEO services to some seaward area, why not pick India! There are some incredible motivations to outsource SEO services to India.

Taken a toll Effectiveness

As indicated by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, employing an American or Canadian SEO expert can cost an organization almost $100,000 every year. Contrasted with this, it is much financially gainful to employ an Indian SEO firm. In addition, when you outsource SEO services to India, you don’t have to contribute on selecting, preparing, and constructing a committed in-house SEO group. Accordingly, you get the chance to spare cash and time both!

Expect Quality Services

One of the principle reasons and most critical one are to get quality SEO services. Each business needs to see its site on the principal page of web crawlers. India is one of the biggest wellsprings of outsourced SEO administration suppliers. The nation has countless, experienced SEO experts who can impart easily in English and see each organization’s extraordinary SEO necessities to make a powerful arrangement.

Fast Delivery

Indian site design improvement firms are understood for their devotion. This settles on them a perfect decision for some overall online organizations. When you dole out an undertaking to a SEO firm, you can be rest guaranteed to get ventures finished rapidly and effectively. On the off chance that you give an Indian SEO firm the assets it needs, it can finish your task more…


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Website Designing Traps And Tricks To Avoid Them


Website Designing attracts visitors, visitors increase conversion, conversion ensures your business growth. In short, the growth of your business depends upon the website designing as it plays the most important role in making or breaking your brand image. As we all know every great journey starts with a single step and building your own website is your first step to cover the journey of miles.

It works as a mirror that reflects your personality to the customers and gives them a reason to get connected with your brand. However, just to save some penny, people take the risk and create their website at own and lack of professionalism may actually cost them the way higher than they even think. Some Website Designing Traps in which people get trapped and simple tips to avoid them.

Dearth Of Lucid Vision: Business is a mind game but you have to play all your cards smartly to win the game and for this it is important to have a clear vision. It is quite obvious if you are clear about your goals, then only you make customers trust in your brand. Examine all the avenues with fine-tooth comb and make a wise decision. Lack of vision is the biggest problem that fails you in your strategy and you should make a goal first to successfully conquer it.

Pop Up Windows Wreaks Havoc: Customers satisfaction is a way more important than anything else in the world and if you fail to do so, then you will surely lose them. Therefore, you should make your best possible efforts to provide them great user experience and a sigh of relief from the annoying pop-ups. Yes, Pop Up windows can distract and annoy the visitors and they will leave your website immediately, so don’t get entrapped in any such problem.

No Optimization Means, No Growth: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is crucial and people who think they don’t need to invest their precious money into it are the one who are in the dicey situation. As if your website is not optimized for search engines that mean it has no presence in the eyes of Google and if anything not visible on Google’s first page means there is no way to grow. So, you should start it right away in an order to save your brand value.

So, now you know what are the major slip ups – don’t you? Make your path and focus on avoiding them, so, you can attain the goal you want to.



Car Pooling – A GREEN CHOICE


I am an immigrant in this country and came here 10 years ago from India. When I came here, I was pleasantly surprized to see so much cleanliness everywhere. I would go to a grocery store and my eyes would pop out of sockets there and the way the system functioned never failed to amaze me every time. Everything was laid out in a manner very organized and packed down to the tiniest detail.

When you go to a supermarket , you do not need to carry a cloth bag with you, they provide poly bags to carry stuff. When you go to buy milk you do not need to carry a utensil , as they provide you with packaged milk. If you want to carry with you everyday carrots to your office, instead of having to bother yourself to do the painstaking task of singling out a carrot from the bunch everyday, all you have to do is pick up the bunch that contains a dozen of separately packed carrots. Life is very easy, to the point of turning us into couch potatoes ! All this is carried out in the name of “convenience “and To ensure that you dont have to worry about your basic needs So that you have more time to focus on bigger things or on the things that you think are more important for you.

But the question here , my dear friends, is what really is more important to us? is it correct for us to forget our moral obligation to nature ? is it correct for us to forget our duties towards the planet? is it correct for us to become Sun mechanic and Dependent on our limited resources in the name of convinience ?

initially I was in awe after coming from a country like India and I was greatly impressed with all the newly discovred conveniences in my life that made my day to day life hassle free.Slowly I found myself becoming a part of that equation, I started exploiting the Resouces myself ,used a lot of Ziploc bags in my everyday life being glad about the conveniences this country provided me. If someone was miser in using these resources , I would pity them, thinkinf to myself that if they are so stingy about these small things, how will they think about the bigger things in life?

But as the years passed by coin, I started realizing the other side of this equation, the other face of this. I started realizing that nothing…


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Misuse of Social Networks by SEO Experts and Web Marketing Professionals


Initially, Social Networks were intended for people to connect with each other, keep in touch with friends you can’t regularly meet and know what’s going on in their lives, share information, photos, interesting stuff and much more. Simply put, social networks emerged as everything it took to relieve day to day monotony and bond with family and friends.

After some time, another aspect that highlighted the use of social networks came forward, when business professionals thought of it as a good way to promote their products/services and target those who were interested. Although this was a good thing considering the fact that social networks were also planned to connect people of same nature, looking out for the same things, but were strangers. This made social networks a platform for people having same interest but no interaction, to communicate with each other and fulfill their requirements.

But no one knows how this simple plan turned into a rotten marketing practice, and now it has taken the social networks by storm. If you happen to have an account on any of the social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, StumbledUpon etc. you must know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes! You got me…I’m talking about unknown friendship requests you get, I’m talking about that new friend you just added whose constantly filling your profile by advertising unwanted products, I’m talking about the unasked emails you receive in your mailbox with reference to your social network subscription, and so much more!

What’s all this nonsense anyways? In simple terms, we call it “misuse”. Social networks are being badly exploited by many SEO experts and marketing professionals. But the worst thing is that these so-called specialists do not even know whom to target and how! One free of cost tip for all you SEO’s and internet marketers would be to create a proper group regarding the entity you are promoting and then target the audience whom you think will be interested and ask them to visit that group. You can also join all the groups that relate to you and then add connections.

This will not irritate the users as the thing you are marketing will be of their interest (which…


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Clarifying Your Social Media Strategy With The Post Method


It sounds simple, but before you implement a new marketing strategy in your business, you need to first know what your objectives are.  That is, what is it that you are trying to accomplish?  Social media is no different.  It’s not enough to want to add it to your marketing mix because “everyone else is doing it.”

Luckily Forrester Research came up with a handy little acronym, which my colleague Amy Miyamoto and I also recently included in our Social Media Made Simple webinar series.  It’s called the POST Method₁, and it’s a really easy way to frame your social media strategy.  Here’s how it breaks down:

P: Who are the PEOPLE you would most like to attract via your social media presence on sites such as Twitter and Facebook? For example–mentors, colleagues, strategic alliance partners, raving fans, potential clients, local connections? Or a combination of these?

O: What are your primary OBJECTIVES for your Social Media presence?  For example, is it to get found by those who are looking for your services or products, finding and interacting with current and potential clients and customers, building a community around your business, creating awareness of your content and offerings, building relationships with potential strategic alliance and referral partners, learning from mentors?

S: What Social Media STRATEGIES do you plan to implement?  Will you have a Twitter profile, a Facebook Fan Page, a LinkedIn profile, join a Facebook Group, start a blog?  Which ones have priority over others?

T: What TECHNOLOGIES will you use?  For example–Hootsuite, Twellow,, Twitpic, YouTube, for link shortening? (The ones you determine to be of highest priority to you will influence the kinds of actions you take on the social media sites you have a presence on.)

Finally, for bonus points, you could also include “M” as in “how will you MEASURE your results?”  Understandably, businesspeople still want to know the ROI of their activities—and although this is not as cut and dry to measure in social media, there are still certain numbers that you can look to: your number of newsletter or blog subscribers, number of followers and fans, your website traffic, the amount of…


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Dental Clinic New Delhi: – Offering Affordable Dental Services in India


Dental implants are the most predictable, comfortable, and long lasting method of missing tooth replacement. They are designed to serve as a foundation for replacement teeth that feel, look, and function like natural teeth. Dental implants allow a person, which has lost teeth to regain their ability to eat practically anything, therefore, allowing one to enjoy nutritious foods, contribute to better health, and enjoy social gathering based around meals. The Dental Clinic New Delhi is highly acclaimed for its state-of-the-art equipments. The dental chairs at our clinic are highly advanced, automatic and are with multi positional facility for the comfort of patient. X-ray machine facility within the room helps in avoiding patient inconvenience. The clinic equipped with interiorly digital camera with two simultaneous view ports help patients to get a clear picture of the treatment being done. Dental Implants can help prevent undesirable deterioration of jawbone and the resulting accelerated aging appearance. But most of all, dental implants improve the quality of life, restore self confidence and enhance self-image.

Dental services are provided by dental clinic New Delhi for patients who have complaints of protruded or forwardly placed teeth or crooked or irregular teeth. The orthodontic treatment duration is around 1 to 1 ½ yrs depending on the severity of the condition. Orthodontic Treatments in South Delhi may not necessitate removal of two / four teeth removal as indicated by each individual’s facial pattern and severity of malocclusion. Orthodontic Treatments in South Delhi involves attaching brackets to the teeth and inserting wires and pulling them back into their correct position. The clinic functions on the concept of offering proficiency and expertise for the top most dental care to the patients with dental implants & fixed teeth. Dental treatment in Delhi at Dental Clinic New Delhi is inexpensive as compared to the western countries. There is full service cosmetic and general dental clinic and hospital specializing in creating beautiful smiles. Dental Clinics and hospitals give you the unmatched time advantage plus international quality control.

The dental Clinic New…


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Correlation between Google Page Rank, Back Links and SERP


The genuine connection between Back Links (inbound links), Page Rank assigned by Google and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is the most sought after topic of discussion in the search engine community. Numerous SEO services providers and experts have their unique theory explaining this correlation but there is no concrete data present to prove the relation or dependency. To believe these theories blindly could prove to be fatal for SEO Companies since these theories are just personal opinions which may or may not be utterly correct. Although this article is not about finding the exact correlation but still we can find the way to use these factors optimally for SEO purpose.

According to the well known definition of Page Rank, the Page Rank of the webpage is a function of all inbound links pointing to it. Either these inbound links comes from inside or outside the domain. The results obtained from getting Back Links can fluctuate significantly in accordance with quantity, regularity and related Page Ranks of the back links. Numerous SEO firms are using Back Links expansively in order to generate positive Page Rank results. But surely, no one can tell exactly that how many back links are required to increase Page Rank from 1 to 2 and if the same amount of links are sufficient to raise Page rank from 6 to 7 since Page Rank depends on hundreds of other factors also and not merely the back links.

Certainly, Page Rank affects the way how Google places a website when a user searches for a specific keyword. Positively, the better your Page Rank is, the higher your website position will be and the ultimate purpose is to dominate the Search Engine Result Pages when a potential user searches for the related keywords. But this is not always true since we can see websites with low Page Ranks appearing high in search engine results.

A lot of SEO experts argue that decrease in the Page Rank of a website could be an indication of fall in the position in their Search Engine Result Pages. But I think if a website is facing some typical SEO issues concerning content or links then your rankings in Search Engine Result Pages will drop first and your Page Rank will drop sooner or later, maybe after a…


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