Misuse of Social Networks by SEO Experts and Web Marketing Professionals


Initially, Social Networks were intended for people to connect with each other, keep in touch with friends you can’t regularly meet and know what’s going on in their lives, share information, photos, interesting stuff and much more. Simply put, social networks emerged as everything it took to relieve day to day monotony and bond with family and friends.

After some time, another aspect that highlighted the use of social networks came forward, when business professionals thought of it as a good way to promote their products/services and target those who were interested. Although this was a good thing considering the fact that social networks were also planned to connect people of same nature, looking out for the same things, but were strangers. This made social networks a platform for people having same interest but no interaction, to communicate with each other and fulfill their requirements.

But no one knows how this simple plan turned into a rotten marketing practice, and now it has taken the social networks by storm. If you happen to have an account on any of the social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, StumbledUpon etc. you must know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes! You got me…I’m talking about unknown friendship requests you get, I’m talking about that new friend you just added whose constantly filling your profile by advertising unwanted products, I’m talking about the unasked emails you receive in your mailbox with reference to your social network subscription, and so much more!

What’s all this nonsense anyways? In simple terms, we call it “misuse”. Social networks are being badly exploited by many SEO experts and marketing professionals. But the worst thing is that these so-called specialists do not even know whom to target and how! One free of cost tip for all you SEO’s and internet marketers would be to create a proper group regarding the entity you are promoting and then target the audience whom you think will be interested and ask them to visit that group. You can also join all the groups that relate to you and then add connections.

This will not irritate the users as the thing you are marketing will be of their interest (which…


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