Mcdonalds India Supply Chain


McDonalds India Supply Chain:

Supply Chain is one of the critical factors for the smooth functioning of any business. And when we are talking about fast food business with McDonald’s as the subject of the study it can expected a Supply Chain model of one of the highest precisions. It is this unmatched Supply Chain Structure, which not just ensures on time delivery of raw materials and supplies to McDonalds but also enables it to cut down on its cost and maximize profitability along with maintaining highest quality standards of its products. The level of commitment of McDonalds can be gauged from the fact that even before it set up its first restaurant in the country it infused Rs 400 Crore to set up its delivery mechanism. McDonald’s initiative to set up an efficient supply chain and deploy state-of-art technology changed the entire Indian fast food industry and raised the standards of performance to international levels.

As already mentioned, McDonalds had been working on its supply chain even before it opened its first joint in the country. McDonalds, an international brand which was trying to make inroads into the country, developed its Indian partners in such a manner that they stayed with the company from the beginning. The success of McDonalds India was achieved by sourcing all its required products from within the country. To ensure this, McDonalds developed local businesses, which can supply it highest quality products. Today, McDonalds India works with 38 different suppliers on a long term basis and several other stand alone restaurants for its various other requirements. McDonald’s distribution centres in India came in the…


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