If You Want to Learn Hindu You Need to Learn Hindi


If you want to learn Hindu because you want to speak the main official language of India you actually need to study a Hindi language tutorial.

Hindu is not a language but Hindi is.

The word Hindu originally just related to the river Indus and referred to the people who lived near the Indus river in Pakistan.

Later it was used to describe a person who follows the faith of Hinduism. Hinduism is a primary religion of such countries as India, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. The people who live in these countries speak the language of their own countries. So that explains why you can’t learn Hindu.

If you want to learn Hindi however you will be pleased to know that it is very easy to pick up. It is spoken exactly as it is written so you will be able to read Hindi in no time.

The best way to succeed is to practice every day. Just a little every day will add up very quickly.

First as with learning any new language you must start with the basics.

The base of all speech and writing is the alphabet. The Indian alphabet is called Hindi Varnamala.

This alphabet contains fifty two sounds. To vocalize the letters you will need to master ten vowels, forty consonants and two vocalizing techniques. One technique is nasalization and one is a kind of aspiration.

To get the right sounds you must use six parts of your mouth. These six parts include the throat, the palette, the teeth, the lips, the nose or nasal and the front of your palette.

Also you could add epiglottis to that list as being able to stop their air in your throat is how to achieve the right aspiration to make your sounds.

If you think that sounds hard just remember that you need to use exactly the same…


Source by Cynthia Maxwell

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