Critical Evaluation of Girish Karnad as a Dramatist: A Research Paper


Girish Karnad is known for his versatile genius. It is his greatness that he is one of the greatest dramatists of Indo-Anglian literature. His greatness is hidden in quality in place of quantity. He has only five or six plays to his credit. The best of them are ‘Yayati’, ‘Tughlaq’ and ‘Hayavadana’.Karnad is a film producer, an actor, and a TV artiste and above all a dramatist. Certainly, his ‘Tughlaq’ has been popular far and wide. It is true that Girish Karnad wept when he realized that he would not be a poet, but be only a dramatist. Karnad was deeply influenced by Ibsen, Shaw and Shakespeare. Girish Karnad was highly influenced by trends in Kannada literature and he took legend, history and myth for the plots of his plays.

His Contribution—Girish Karnad is a pioneer in the field of new drama and all his plays are actable. Their story is generally borrowed from ancient myths, folk literature, or history.

Yayati—Karnad’s first play ‘Yayati’ presents an ancient myth from the ‘Mahabharata’ in modern context. It is based on the theme of responsibility. Girish Karnad’s success lies in discussing modern problems with the help of an ancient myth. It is interesting to read old tales in the light of contemporary concerns.

Hayavadana—Karnad’s ‘Hayavadana’ is based on a folk theme. Its plot is borrowed froman ancient collection of stories in Sanskrit entitled ‘Kathasarilesagara’. Karnad’s play is narrated by a ghost to an adventurous King.

Tughlaq—‘Tughlaq’ is Girish Karnad’s best play. It is a historical play. There is a curious mixture of fact and fiction in the play. Its plot is based on history. The central character Muhammad…


Source by Dr. Rakesh ‘Ravi’

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