Correlation between Google Page Rank, Back Links and SERP


The genuine connection between Back Links (inbound links), Page Rank assigned by Google and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is the most sought after topic of discussion in the search engine community. Numerous SEO services providers and experts have their unique theory explaining this correlation but there is no concrete data present to prove the relation or dependency. To believe these theories blindly could prove to be fatal for SEO Companies since these theories are just personal opinions which may or may not be utterly correct. Although this article is not about finding the exact correlation but still we can find the way to use these factors optimally for SEO purpose.

According to the well known definition of Page Rank, the Page Rank of the webpage is a function of all inbound links pointing to it. Either these inbound links comes from inside or outside the domain. The results obtained from getting Back Links can fluctuate significantly in accordance with quantity, regularity and related Page Ranks of the back links. Numerous SEO firms are using Back Links expansively in order to generate positive Page Rank results. But surely, no one can tell exactly that how many back links are required to increase Page Rank from 1 to 2 and if the same amount of links are sufficient to raise Page rank from 6 to 7 since Page Rank depends on hundreds of other factors also and not merely the back links.

Certainly, Page Rank affects the way how Google places a website when a user searches for a specific keyword. Positively, the better your Page Rank is, the higher your website position will be and the ultimate purpose is to dominate the Search Engine Result Pages when a potential user searches for the related keywords. But this is not always true since we can see websites with low Page Ranks appearing high in search engine results.

A lot of SEO experts argue that decrease in the Page Rank of a website could be an indication of fall in the position in their Search Engine Result Pages. But I think if a website is facing some typical SEO issues concerning content or links then your rankings in Search Engine Result Pages will drop first and your Page Rank will drop sooner or later, maybe after a…


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