Numerology Compatibility For Love and Sex


Compatibility Decides Success

Numerology compatibility in love, is more important than how faithful you are! No matter what, your love should intensify like a blazing fire! Then alone, you will be successful in your love and sex. How can you make some one fiercely love you, in spite of your weaknesses? Here are The Secrets!

If you love some one blindly, from first sight, you may have overlooked this compatibility angle. Relationships turn bitter on trivial things. An ill timed remark, or an anonymous phone call can ruin the trust built over months of dating and hard work. And the result? It is the Curtains for your love!

The Strategy In Numerology

When playing chess, you make an enticing move to attract your opponent, but it really is a trap. Many animals ooze out sexual vibes, to entice, trap and seduce their chosen love mates. Man alone is so blind in love matters, that he treads on thin ice, when he loves some one blindly.

How much better would it be, if numerology compatibility exists between you and your love mate? And also if you know this, before starting your love affair? This article helps you to know this secret.

This knowledge makes your love efforts culminate in success. When you ensure this, your love mate dotes on you, irrespective of your merits and demerits. She or he, loves you whether you are black or white, tall or short, and good or bad. That is the magic of compatibility in your numerology!

Are You Ruled By 2

Numerology Compatibility rules that if you have a day number of 2, you will have success in love affairs with 7 persons. What does it mean? Those who are born on 7, 16 and 25 of any month, are ruled by No. 7. As such, these love mates ruled by 7, will love you blindly. They will dance to your tunes!

Their numerology makes them slaves to your love. Even if you fail to keep a promise, when you have multiple affairs, and even when you exploit them beyond limits, these 7 ruled persons, can not hate you or go against you. They can never stand in a court of law to testify against you.

This is the power of numerology and its compatibility!

Do Not Exploit Pure Love

Numerology compatibility for 2, guarantees your success in marriage, when you marry a person ruled by 7. She will love you, whether you are handsome or ugly. and kind or cruel. This does not mean that you should exploit his or her pure love. This info is given in good faith, for you, only to use it with wisdom.

Follow Compatibility Or Suffer

So many persons suffer in actual life after marriage. Relationship turns sour and ends up in divorce. It is because, they lack compatibility as per numerology. Your love mate may not have any rights over you. But your wife has all the legal rights! Even if she is your wife for a single day, she has enormous rights on your properties. She can claim your wealth. She can ruin your peace if there is no compatibility!

If you are a 7 born

If you are ruled by 7, numerology compatibility assures you success, when…



The Burmese And Nawarat


Everyone who is not familiar with Burma, it’s culture and history will certainly look quite puzzled when being asked for the meaning of ‘Nawarat’ and will surely ask himself what on earth Nawarat means or is. How could he (or she) possibly know?

So, what is this mysterious Nawarat (occasionally spelled Navarat) and what is it all about? Are you puzzled now? You sure are. Well, do not worry, this article will shed light on the myth and mystery of Nawarat and in a few minutes from now you will know the answer to the question what it is.

Nawarat is all about power, wealth, glory, grandeur and resplendence, accomplishment and fulfilment, about health and vigour, strength and vitality, calm and tranquillity as well as love and affection. But first and foremost it is about power in the widest sense of this term. And as much as it is about all of these things it is about occultism (Latin ‘occultare’, meaning ‘secret’ and ‘occultere’, meaning ‘hide’ or ‘conceal’) and about superstition (Latin ‘super’, meaning ‘over’ and ‘stare’, meaning ‘to stand’). In other words, Nawarat is about the in Burma widely held belief in unseen and unknown forces of supernatural influences – especially with respect to bringing good and bad luck – and in the efficacy of various practices such as astrology that is regarded as hidden knowledge of the universe and its mysterious forces.

At this point in time you will certainly think, fine, now I have got a pretty good idea of what Nawarat is all about but I still do not know what exactly it is. For starters, ‘Nawarat’ is an amulet or charm in the form of a piece of jewellery that as the Burmese people deeply believe has magical powers; thus can ward off evil and danger and give power, wealth, health, glory, etc. Briefly put, the Nawarat is a ring that is worn for protection and good fortune.

The ring is made of gold and comprises seven jewels, one coral and one pearl – altogether nine pieces – for which reason it is called in Burmese ‘Nawarat Koe Par’ or in English ‘Nine Jewelled Ring’.

Nowadays almost every jewel store in Burma is offering these rings (even cheap copies are available) and everyone who is interested in buying a Nawarat ring and can afford it can do this. But then again, he must strongly believe in the Nawarat ring’s mystical powers as the ring itself can – as valuable as it might be in material terms – hardly be called a beauty; in fact, at least to the Westerner’s eye it appears rather trashy and tasteless. Nevertheless, I have met a very, very few ‘Westerners’ – even women were amongst them – who have bought cheaper versions of Nawarat rings. I suspect their ulterior motive was to make themselves interesting back home because they would certainly be asked what this in western countries very unusual ring is all about what, in turn, offers a good opportunity to tell interesting stories and become the centre of attention.

That women are wearing the Nawarat and that it is nowadays…



Correlation between Google Page Rank, Back Links and SERP


The genuine connection between Back Links (inbound links), Page Rank assigned by Google and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is the most sought after topic of discussion in the search engine community. Numerous SEO services providers and experts have their unique theory explaining this correlation but there is no concrete data present to prove the relation or dependency. To believe these theories blindly could prove to be fatal for SEO Companies since these theories are just personal opinions which may or may not be utterly correct. Although this article is not about finding the exact correlation but still we can find the way to use these factors optimally for SEO purpose.

According to the well known definition of Page Rank, the Page Rank of the webpage is a function of all inbound links pointing to it. Either these inbound links comes from inside or outside the domain. The results obtained from getting Back Links can fluctuate significantly in accordance with quantity, regularity and related Page Ranks of the back links. Numerous SEO firms are using Back Links expansively in order to generate positive Page Rank results. But surely, no one can tell exactly that how many back links are required to increase Page Rank from 1 to 2 and if the same amount of links are sufficient to raise Page rank from 6 to 7 since Page Rank depends on hundreds of other factors also and not merely the back links.

Certainly, Page Rank affects the way how Google places a website when a user searches for a specific keyword. Positively, the better your Page Rank is, the higher your website position will be and the ultimate purpose is to dominate the Search Engine Result Pages when a potential user searches for the related keywords. But this is not always true since we can see websites with low Page Ranks appearing high in search engine results.

A lot of SEO experts argue that decrease in the Page Rank of a website could be an indication of fall in the position in their Search Engine Result Pages. But I think if a website is facing some typical SEO issues concerning content or links then your rankings in Search Engine Result Pages will drop first and your Page Rank will drop sooner or later, maybe after a…


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Is your slow website losing you customers?


Waiting for a web page to load online is equivalent to the real world experience of waiting in a queue. Except online you can opt-out and go somewhere else incredibly easily.

Forrester Research and Gartner Group report that ecommerce sites in the US alone are losing $1.1. to $1.3 billion in revenue annually to customer click-away caused by slow-loading websites.

Is your slow website losing you customers?

So what effects website speed? There are three things. First, the speed at which the web server processes the page; secondly, the broadband (or dial-up) connection speed of the browser; and thirdly, the distance from the customer to the web server.

Recent advances in hardware mean servers process pages almost instantly and 1MB broadband or greater is available in most countries. The one thing that hasn’t changed is distance. New York to London is still 5580km and Hong Kong to Los Angeles 7100km.

Because web page load times increase proportionately to the distance between browser and server you may be surprised to discover that the speed of your website as experienced by you in London, for example, will not be the same as experienced by your customers in Sydney or Delhi.

In fact the pages on your website may so slow to load that your customers may be abandoning your website. Recent research by Jupiter Research into web browsing habits shows that web pages taking more than four seconds to load experience a 33% drop-off rate.

Modern web pages, rich with content, often have more than 50 images, scripts, styles and HTML frames. Each one requires a separate trip from browser to server and, even though data travels at the speed of light, the…


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The Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development Explored


The Artificial Intelligence market will expectedly be worth $153 billion in the near future. We are talking about digital revolution here. We are talking about path breaking technological ideas and implementation here. It is going to redefine the way in which humans are going to interact with machines.

Artificial Intelligence in Web Development: Is it even possible?

The stakes are high. The figures are impressive – to say the least. We have got engineers and marketers embarking on diverse plans with AI at the core. Why should developers be left behind? No credentialed web development company would ideally be unaware of the scope of Artificial Intelligence as far as web development is concerned. The consultants should not be unaware of the fact that developers around the world are looking at the possible integration of Intelligence and web development to bolster user experience.

Imagine sitting in front of one of those template designers that you have just signed up for. Expect your “AI designer” to ask you about your preferences with regard to branding, colors, content and layout. Once you have fed the answers to those questions, the template designer, based on the pre-programmed algorithms will automatically go on to create a website, which is the perfect combination of aesthetic and professional appeal.

How will Artificial intelligence go on to facilitate “communication”?

This is what AI can do for web development. Using the AI elements, a developer becomes better adept at catering to users’ needs. Since It is known for understanding customer moods and preferences better, web developers will be in a better position to integrate elements that are going to append to the user experience – of course, so that they are more convincingly persuaded to make purchases.

Now, how does this Technique do this? How does it ensure that developers are better adept at catering to buyer needs? It does this with the help of cognitive analysis and situations. Chatbots, for example, have made it possible for web professionals to predict customer reactions. They facilitate better communication with the customers by making the whole (communication) process very simple and hassle-free. The next-generation internet users will actually find it easier to communicate with the website itself. There will be no communication barrier to contend with as such.

With the help of the statistical analysis marketers and other web professionals can actually minimize errors. Processing a large amount of information also becomes easier when communication is facilitated at such level.

So, which web development company are you consulting at the present moment? Are they duly aware of the immense opportunities that Artificial Intelligence has in store for the next generation web users? Do find out so that you can make an informed choice.



What Can A Professional Web Application Designing Company Do For Your Business?


Irrespective of the size and pattern of your business, you need the support of a professional web application development firm to gain an interesting, effective and professional looking website. It is highly crucial to obtain a website which has all the modern features. Your business website must be enriched with advanced and user-friendly elements. To achieve all these in your website, you must consider hiring the top Web Application Design Company.

There are lots of things that a web application development and designing company can do for your business. You should have a complete knowledge about what can you expect from them and how can they serve you. This will help you to understand if your web application designing company is performing the task with complete efficiency or not.

Understanding Your Business Needs

The first thing they do is to understand the specific requirements of your business. It is obvious that the business requirements of a medical equipment manufacturing company cannot be similar to that of an online gaming website. Thus, the company you hire must have the capacity to understand these differences while handling clients from distinct industries and present them the right service according to their business type. Hence, you can expect to get an industry-based service from them.

Preparing The Best Layout

Once they understand your business type, then they prepare the best layout that can suit the same. They can offer you the web designing layout that can make it easier for you to project your business towards your target audiences. The design can represent your ideas to the viewers in the best possible manner. Moreover, they have wide knowledge about making layouts that are modern and unique. They apply their designing skill to make it impressive and flawless.

Giving Your Business A Unique Identity

This is most important because you are not the only one who is representing your industry. If you have a business of garment manufacturing, then there are millions of other companies that do the same, and most of them have their official websites too. Then how can your website look different from the others; especially from your competitors? The Web Application Design Company you choose can give that unique identity to your business through their designing skill.

Ready For The Digital Race

It is essential to create a portal that is ready for the digital race. As a business owner, you have to take part in this race and promote your business to your target audiences better than your competitors do. When you hire a professional team of web designers, then they can prepare your site SEO friendly. That means your website is ready for SEO or optimization processes from the very first day.



The Skills Improve the Sleep for Pregnant Women at the Last Stage of Pregnancy


At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women usually sleep well, as they are tired to take good care of the fetuses. However, with the enlargement of the volume of the fetus, it is difficult for women to sleep comfortably and conveniently.

Except the enlargement of the volume of the fetus, many other factors can also increase the difficulty of having good rest for pregnant women, such as frequent micturition, increasing heart rate, short breath, constipation and mental pressure. Some women also have other symptoms, such as muscle cramp and backache. During the pregnant period, the burdens of the kidney and the bladder of women can be increased, which causes frequent micturition. With the enlargement of the uterine, the burden of diaphragm will be increased to cause the difficult breathing. At the same time, the demand of oxygen inside the body is increased, which forces women to accelerate the breathing. The enlargement of the uterine also needs more blood than before, so the workload of the heart has to be increased and the heart rate has to be quickened. When women are pregnant, the work efficiency of the digestive system is relatively low, and the foods have to stay in the gastric and intestinal tracts for a long time. Then constipation can be easily caused. Some pregnant women are attacked by dreaminess. Some women worry about the health situation of their fetuses and the mental pressure is worsened, which can also affect the quality of sleep.

Some skills are introduced to pregnant women to help them improve the sleep here. First, they should avoid drinking the beverages containing caffeine as far as possible, such as coffee and…


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3 Ways to Win Customers Using CSR


A Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a policy designed to proactively promote the public’s interest by encouraging community growth and development. In this regard, many companies and corporations have adopted their own corporate responsibility to make the community a better place for everyone. One such example of how a CSR works to aid the community is the Uprinting promo at promotions .

In order to help the community, Uprinting has come up with promos for non-profit organizations and affiliate business partners. These uprinting promotions help the community in different ways, but ultimately work towards the same goal.

Although the CSR resembles the roles of a charity organization, the use of a corporate identity also helps brand a company and increase its market share leading to higher sales. Here are some of the key benefits of a Corporate Social Responsibility.

Better Brand Image
The advocacy of a corporate identity gives companies an avenue to promote their products and services. In many cases concerning vice products, many sanctions have been raised against their advertising campaigns. Promoting a corporate social responsibility gives those companies the opportunity to still market their name and possibly curb a new image for their products as less hazardous to human health.

Make Customers Feel Fulfilled
Because a customer purchases a product that has a known and relevant corporate social responsibility, the customer feels a sense of gratitude and fulfillment that leads to patronage of a product, brand and loyalty to a company.

Lessen Corporate Guilt
In cases such as a large public relations crisis, the promotion of a corporate social responsibility can lessen the damage of negative publicity. Not only does the CSR cushion the impact of bad publicity, but replaces it with positive news for the customers to continue building a sense of trust with the brand.

There are many forms and other benefits to the adherence of a CSR program. Uprinting promo and promotions are such examples of indirect CSR programs that work. Communities and business entities can gain valuable insight on uprinting promotions by visiting promotions.


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The Importance of Influencing Consumer Behavior


Pretty much everyone knows that it is hugely important to find ways to influence your consumer bases’ behavior. Wal-Mart did it by lowering their prices below their competitors effectively destroying any and all opposition. But with the relatively fixed rates of suppliers the price-cutting marketing strategy is no longer a feasible option.  Even further, with the rise of the internet and social media- sites like wikipedia and customer reviews, a wealth of information is at the fingertips of the consumer, resulting in a much more knowledgeable, and aware buyer.

So, the follow up to that is? How do you replace the price-cut strategy with something equally as influential and effective(during it’s time)? Well, along with that wealth of information comes direct access to your consumer base. Direct influence. How then, do you utilize that? Social Media. You can access a broad surface area, but target with pinpoint accuracy.  Coupons, customer incentives, sale alerts, you can deliver these right to their front door through social media. But where do you define the influence?

That’s the tough part. If you don’t know who you are up against, then you have to guess, and nobody likes to do that. And just because everyone else does do it doesn’t make it right or proper. What  is the key to influencing consumer behaviour in your market? Well the fact of the matter is you have to generate value. You have to give your customers something they need, something they want, something they can’t get anywhere else. You have to give them value. It’s not easy. Not everyone can do it. But if you can generate value and associate it with your brand, the result will be an influx of self-perpetuating influence amongst your customers. Lasting influence, plain and simple.


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The Fruits Of Burma, Mango, Papaya And Co Part 2


If you have a soft spot for tropical and subtropical fruits, Burma is the place to be because here they grow. From A as in ‘Awza thee’ or custard apple, as it is called in English, to Z as in ‘Zee thee’ or plum. But there are not only tropical fruits in Burma. Here you get something for every taste even when allowing for the fact that not everyone likes every fruit and that non-tropical fruits like the apple are here not as tasty and juicy as in the countries they are native to.

Grapefruit or shaddock or pomelo is locally called ‘Kyew gaw thee’ but do not be mistaken, although the name pomelo is commonly used for both grapefruit and shaddock there are differences between them what goes for the fruits as well as their origin.

The grapefruit, being smaller and finer than the shaddock/pomelo and a variety that is bigger than the orange, is of yellow colour, globe-shaped, varies from 4 to 6 inch/10 to 19 cm in diameter and develops from large white blossoms and in clusters. The fruit consists of easily separable segments with juice cells and white seeds and a thick rind. Its acid pulp is usually light yellow in colour but a few pink-pulped varieties have been developed.

The grapefruit tree is covered by dense foliage of thick dark green leaves, grows to a height of approx. 20 feet/6 metres and is most probably originated from Jamaica. The grapefruit is readily crossed with other members of the citrus genus. It is a low-calorie food, an excellent source of vitamin C and ‘inositol’, a member of the vitamin B complex.

The grapefruit is common breakfast fruit, salad fruit and/or juice fruit. Since the people of Burma/Burma usually have a soft spot for everything that is sour this fruit is much liked here. The grapefruit is classified as a variety of ‘Citrus maxima’.

The shaddock or pomelo is native to Indonesia. It’s very large fruit that sometimes weighs 14 lb/6 kg and on average 10 lb/4.5 kg develops from equally very large white blossoms. It is roundish and of pale yellow colour. The bitter rind is thick and light yellow; the pulp is slightly acid and aromatic, greenish in colour and watery. It is a pleasant cooling fruit, often used for preserves but also eaten in a fresh state and processed into juice. Both shaddock and grapefruit are often called pomelo or pummelo. The shaddock is also classified as ‘Citrus maxima’.

Pomegranate, its local name is ‘The le thee’, is the common name for a small tree or thorny shrub in the pomegranate family and its fruit. The only genus is native to tropical Asia and is characterised by large solitary flowers. The pomegranate is of bushy growth with glossy leaves and red flowers.

The fruit is about the size of a large orange and filled with seeds. The fleshy outer seed coat consists of a sweet, acid, edible orange-red pulp. The astringent rind is used in medicine and for tanning. The tree is cultivated for its fruit in warm regions throughout the world. Dwarf varieties bear ornamental…