Car Pooling – A GREEN CHOICE


I am an immigrant in this country and came here 10 years ago from India. When I came here, I was pleasantly surprized to see so much cleanliness everywhere. I would go to a grocery store and my eyes would pop out of sockets there and the way the system functioned never failed to amaze me every time. Everything was laid out in a manner very organized and packed down to the tiniest detail.

When you go to a supermarket , you do not need to carry a cloth bag with you, they provide poly bags to carry stuff. When you go to buy milk you do not need to carry a utensil , as they provide you with packaged milk. If you want to carry with you everyday carrots to your office, instead of having to bother yourself to do the painstaking task of singling out a carrot from the bunch everyday, all you have to do is pick up the bunch that contains a dozen of separately packed carrots. Life is very easy, to the point of turning us into couch potatoes ! All this is carried out in the name of “convenience “and To ensure that you dont have to worry about your basic needs So that you have more time to focus on bigger things or on the things that you think are more important for you.

But the question here , my dear friends, is what really is more important to us? is it correct for us to forget our moral obligation to nature ? is it correct for us to forget our duties towards the planet? is it correct for us to become Sun mechanic and Dependent on our limited resources in the name of convinience ?

initially I was in awe after coming from a country like India and I was greatly impressed with all the newly discovred conveniences in my life that made my day to day life hassle free.Slowly I found myself becoming a part of that equation, I started exploiting the Resouces myself ,used a lot of Ziploc bags in my everyday life being glad about the conveniences this country provided me. If someone was miser in using these resources , I would pity them, thinkinf to myself that if they are so stingy about these small things, how will they think about the bigger things in life?

But as the years passed by coin, I started realizing the other side of this equation, the other face of this. I started realizing that nothing…


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